The services our company provides vary from fund retrieval from unregulated brokers or challenging fraudulent activity of any kind. Every claimant will receive full guidance and consultation from an experienced professional.


Our investment advisory service combines other financial services to address management of your wealth against fraud.

CryptoCurrency Fraud Recovery

Did you trade cryptocurrencies for other assets and you were played by scammers? Legal Scam Recovery is for you.

Binary Trading Recovery

Binary trading is the new world currency, but if you lost money via dubious binary trading, and it seems all is lost. we’ve got you covered.

Forex Trading Recovery

Decentralized global market where all the world’s currencies trade. We give premium recovery support just in case you lose money fraudulently.

Recovery From Real Estate Scams

Real estate till date stands as one of the brightest and most viable investment opportunities. A whole lot of people have amassed huge wealth from it legitimately

Recovery From Investment Scams

There is a very thin line that separates a legitimate business and an investment fraud. Something may go wrong and a good business becomes fraudulent or a scam be packaged to look like a legitimate investment opportunity.

Recovery From Romance Scam

Romance scams stand tall as one of the oldest and most gruesome ways by which fraudsters swindle unsuspecting individuals of their hard earned resources.

Private Investigators

We run a very wide variety of investigations services to expose information and details hidden in your data. We have staff and team members dedicated to this for you and they are available to travel.